We want to give you the most and transform your NFT in a unique physically artwork.

All the cubes are customizable and carefully handmade by wood burning and/or carving, thus offering you an unique piece of art.

For cubes handmaking we’ll use wood from dead trees and building sites.

The cubes as a standard will have on one face the symbol of your collection + your Herotag/Name and on the opposite face the inscription „HOC 1st Edition”.

For orders you have to own an NFT from HOC. All the VIP’s will receive a cube as a gift.

The Cubes with the Elrond Logo will be available only for the Holders of the Joker NFT.

Custom orders with your own symbol are also available.

Standard dimensions 5*5 Cm

Price : starting from 0.15 EGLD. *The transport is not included.

For orders DM @Daemon78_ on his Twitter account

Shop will grow with branded House of Cubes merchandise